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    Bionic Commando

    The Bionic Commando line offers plenty of different games with the common bond of a bionic arm that can be used to grapple from one structure to the next. Play Bionic Commando online!

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    This game tells the adventures of a soldier named Rad Spencer, who has a bionic arm that allows him to latch onto objects and propel himself toward them. His mission is to find the legendary soldier Super Joe and destroy the bases of the Doraize army and squash the plans of its director, Weisman, and his Albatross project.

    If this sounds familiar, its because this game takes the plot and most of the mechanics of the NES game Bionic Commando. While there are no overhead stages, there are neutral zones, generator bosses, bullets to collect to increase your life bar, communication rooms, weapon and other upgrades and lots of grappling fun!

    Bionic Commando (Game Boy) game description

    apcom’s Bionic Commando series is a little complicated to decipher, mostly due to the way that most of the games in the series are simply called “Bionic Commando.” The common theme that they all contain, however, is that they put the player in the role of a super soldier with a bionic arm, which can stretch out to grab things or, more importantly, grapple onto surfaces to enable climbing and swinging.

    The series started in arcades, with a 1987 released called Bionic Commando (released as Top Secret in Japan). This game introduced the grappling mechanics that the series would become famous for, but it was otherwise a standard (and difficult) shooter. This version would come home for various machines, including the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, and Atari ST. In a weird twist, there are actually two different ports of the arcade game available for the C64.

    In 1988, Bionic Commando was released for the NES. This game is technically a sequel to the arcade game, going by the name of Top Secret: Hitler’s Revival in Japan. This game ditches the simplicity of the arcade version for a more open-ended approach, where the player would visit areas multiple times, unlock equipment, and so on. At the end of the game, the player faces off against Adolf Hitler, though in the US version all mention of Nazis and of Hitler were replaced with less controversial names.

    Four years later, Bionic Commando was released on the original Game Boy, and for the first time the Bionic Commando name was used worldwide, marking the end of the Top Secret line. The Game Boy version has many similarities to the NES game mechanically, but the story is new.

    Play Bionic Commando for Game Boy online

    You can play Bionic Commando for game Boy online here, in a web browser for free!

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