Tail ‘Gator Game Boy front cover
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    Tail ‘Gator

    Ever wanted to control an alligator that fights with his tail? Then this Natsume published Game Boy game is for you! Play Tail ‘Gator online!

    Play it online!
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    Once again a peaceful kingdom, this time named Moberry, was assaulted by an evil entity. The player, taking control over the alligator Charly, has the task to defeat the dragon warlord Basso Gila. To do so, five areas (with three or four levels each) have to be conquered.

    Those levels can be tackled in any order and – for the first three areas – are either land, air, cave or underwater levels.

    Of course there are also a number of enemies which try to harm Charly: every contact with them or environmental obstacles makes a heart from the health bar disappear. Charly can defeat himself by hitting enemies with his tail (the range depending on the power meter). The goal of each level is not only to reach the exit and defeat the occasional boss, but also to open all treasure chests on the way.

    Play Tail ‘Gator online!

    Those contain random power ups, e.g. health refreshments, bonus points, power or a bomb which kills everything on screen. The last chest in a level contains the key which is needed to open the exit.

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