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    A first-person RPG-adventure originally published by Psygnosis Software. Originally released on the Amiga, PC and Atari ST, it later saw a Super Nintendo port.

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    Obitus is a role-playing game with action elements. It utilizes a first-person view for exploration, similarly to Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. One of the more remarkable features is in the first-person mode: rather than having just 4 directs to face and flicking between them, there are 8 directions and the view scrolls smoothly as you turn. Play Obitus online!

    This smooth scrolling continues when you move forward, giving the game more of a 3D feel.

    A medieval history lecturer named Wil Mason has been transported to the fantasy world of Middlemere, which is ruled by four rival brothers. Wil’s aim is to find the secret to how he was transported here and discover a way back.

    The action elements consist of horizontal scrolling areas where you fight enemies with your bow while avoiding their attacks. Later you encounter a similar type of gameplay that involves exploring castles and adds 4 directional movement.

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