Fuckstory 2: Škola je kráva (CZ) DOS front cover
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    Fuckstory 2: Škola je kráva (CZ)

    After completing the ninth grade, you enjoyed a short rainy summer vacation and then re-entered the ninth grade – you failed and now you have a whole year to repeat your favorite nine class for great success. Play Fuckstory 2: Škola je kráva online!

    Play it online!
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    And so, one cloudy autumn day, you wake up in the cold in your hut, and since the bus to the institute leaves you in five minutes, you don’t have to rush anywhere.

    Play Fuckstory 2: Škola je kráva (CZ) online!

    You brush your teeth with a file, get dressed, eat dog pellets, take a briefcase resembling a steam boiler on your back and go to the bus. However, for incomprehensible reasons, he missed you, so you stop the combine that will take you to school.

    In it you will meet a number of interesting freaks. However, somehow it will stop entertaining you there, so you decide to drop out of school. On the way to the east, however, in the hallway you meet Kristýna, a girl who recently moved in and who you like very much, because she is really very interesting.

    However, he hasn’t had a chance to talk to her yet, but that will soon change, because Kristýna doesn’t like it at all in the new school, so she’ll run away with you 🙂

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