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The Ultimate DOOM

Released in 1995, The Ultimate Doom refined elements of deathmatch, and added a completely new episode of content to the original game.

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The Ultimate DOOM is a full copy of DOOM with an additional fourth episode, titled Thy Flesh Consumed, which offers nine levels of more demon-slaying and bigger challenges. Play The Ultimate DOOM online!

The Ultimate DOOM game description

Demons from Hell have overrun the planet, and you are the brave space marine who is forced to defeat them and send them back to where they came from.

Led by John Romero, The Ultimate Doom saw improvements to the original Doom, as well as the addition of new content in the form of a fourth episode, Thy Flesh Consumed, to lengthen the singleplayer and multiplayer experience. Parts (or in some cases, entire levels) were built by level designers from the Doom fan community.

New art was put in place, but because id’s resources were stretched thin because of work on Quake, these additions were minimal. Since Thy Flesh Consumed was released after Doom II : Hell on Earth, it is unknown if the events of the fourth episode are supposed to be taken as canonical, but the loose nature of the storyline in the Doom franchise means it’s not especially important either way. The ending text explains (in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner) that the reason the Space Marine took the fight to the demons so hard was to avenge the death of Daisy, his pet rabbit, apparently the decapitated rabbit seen in the game-ending cutscene after the third episode, Inferno, is completed. It then nods to Doom II, saying that although Daisy has been avenged, there are still nations worth of demons ravaging the world, and the fight must be continued if the Human race is to be saved. “Next stop: Hell on Earth!”

Those with registered copies of the original Doom received the additional content that came with The Ultimate Doom free of charge, as part of a version update. The first printing of The Ultimate Doom for the PC included a poster with an expansion of the cover art for the original Doom, featuring the Space Marine , standing on a rocky precipice with a demon horde attacking him.

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You can play The Ultimate DOOM online here, in web browser for free!

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