Fuckstory: Pátek (CZ) DOS front cover
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    Fuckstory: Pátek (CZ)

    Fuckstory: Friday (Fuckstory: Pátek) is a simple DOS text-based adventure game. The game runs largely in a text mode in basic DOS colors. Play Fuckstory: Pátek  online !

    Play it online!
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    What is Fuckstory: Pátek game about? Just finish it somehow. You wake up in the morning, you have to get to school somewhere, spend at least a little time there, invite your favorite girl to date, and then somehow get away from school.

    You will be taken to a hospital from which they do not want to let you go.

    If you manage to leave the hospital, you have to get home, then you have to go back to town for a girl, go out with her on a date to a disco-club, there to confess something like love etc. etc. etc..

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