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    Plague of the Moon

    Plague of the Moon is a Lucasarts style adventure game. However, it does not approach the Lucasarts level of quality, even though it tries. Play Plague of the Moon online!

    Play it online!
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    Many centuries ago, Margaret was introduced to the Black Death. She sought the devil’s protection in a pagan cult of devil worshipers. Through demonic rites, Margaret became a powerful sorceress, her strength growing with each year.

    Then the Bloody Judge set off a vicious wave of executions for profit and pleasure. Margaret was condemned to burn. From within the flames, she cast a dreadful curse upon the land. Then she appeared to her daughter, Alucarda. “Avenge me, Alucarda! Avenge my death!”

    You are Alucarda. You begin the game on a quest of vengeance, which may change. You begin with no witchcraft abilities, so you must gain them. It is a 3rd-person adventure game with classic point-and-click mechanics and a Sierra-score system. The player needs to examine the environment, collect objects and solve puzzles. It also has a first-person fighting part.

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