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    Demon Attack

    Demon Attack for Atari 2600 is an arcade action game with gameplay similar to Phoenix. Play Demon Attack for Atari 2600 online!

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    You control a laser cannon at the bottom of the screen, and need to destroy wave after wave of brightly colored demons.

    The demons bounce around the screen in bizarre patterns, and try to destroy your cannon with bombs or lasers. When you shoot a demon, it will be replaced with another or will split into two smaller demons depending on which wave you are playing.

    Marooned on the ice planet Krybor, the player uses a laser cannon to destroy legions of demons that attack from above. Visually, the demons appear in waves similar to other space-themed shooters, but individually combine from the sides of the screen to the area above the player’s cannon.

    Each wave introduces new weapons with which the demons attack, such as long streaming lasers and laser clusters. Starting in Wave 5, demons also divide into two smaller, bird-like creatures that eventually attempt descent onto the player’s cannon.

    Starting in Wave 9, the demons’ shots follow directly beneath the monsters, making it difficult for the player to slip underneath to get in a direct shot.

    When the required number of demons for the current round is finally destroyed, you can move on to the next, more difficult round.

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    You can play Demon Attack for Atari 2600 online here, in a web browser, for free!

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