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    Top Hat Willy

    When the game has begun, you may control Willy by using joystick or cursor keys (Press up arrow or any shift or control key to jump). To use the staircases, you must jump into them (Contrary to Jet Set Willy, where you had to jump through them to pass them). You should avoid all the moving monsters and deadly-looking spikes, as they are fatal to your health. Also, falling from too great heights causes death. Nine lives may sound much, but when you see how tough life is in Willy’s mansion, the amount does not seem so luxurious!

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    Top Hat Willy is an homage to the famous Jet Set Willy, a notoriously difficult flick-screen platform game with lots of screens. Guide Willy around his vast and very strange mansion, filled with death traps and dangerous creatures such as rolling razors, bunnyrabbits and flying TV sets, to collect his flashing items. Play Top Hat Willy online!

    A score panel on the bottom keeps track of how many of the many rooms Willy has explored and how many items have been picked up.

    Even though THW makes some use of the Amiga’s large colour palette, it remains true to its ZX Spectrum inspiration, so that each enemy is a single colour (or a single hue), dividing the screen in distinct 8×8 pixel blocks with separate colours for each block and having a black background.

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