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    CyberJudas is the sequel to Shadow President, where in both games it’s all about power, government, diplomacy, sovereignty and the casual terrorist who wants make you (the President of the United States) look bad by nuking another country with your own nuclear arsenal! Play CyberJudas online!

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    However, being the president of one of the most powerful states in the world is not an easy job. You must gain the public trust of the American citizens to secure your future re-election by spreading the American way of life to the international community:

    Promote democracy by investing economic, cultural and political influence in foreign countries of different ideologies.
    Build military bases around the world to secure a continuing state of military pressure in the direct vicinity.
    Punish rogue and terrorist states who threaten the American way of life by economic sanctions, military offence, or espionage!

    Bestowed with all the powers of the presidency, you have the full compliment of the cabinet behind you as your indispensable advisors:

    • The White House Chief of Staff
    • The National Security Advisor.
    • The Secretary of State.
    • The Secretary of Defense.
    • The Economic Advisor.
    • The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

    These (passive) advisors give you up-to-date information on domestic and international events subject to their area of expertise in performing your duties as president. However, one of them is a traitor – a Judas – a Cyber Judas! Threatening to destroy your presidency by using your own information system against you. Fail to act decisively and world opinion may react differently upon your ‘actions’ performed by this Cyber Judas. This threat may range from losing public faith, assassinations on your other cabinet advisors or the biggest nightmare of them all: Losing control of your nuclear arsenal. Cyber Judas aims to make your presidency the worst historical nightmare by launching a nuclear missile and thus provoking a nuclear war!

    To help you track down this, you are also connected with the Artificial Intelligence – TRACE. A high-tech computer program that gives you world-wide information regarding Cyber Judas. It’s now only a matter of time…

    Note: The ‘Cyber Judas’ threat only exists in campaign mode.

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