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    Battlehawks 1942

    Play Battlehawks 1942 online! Fly as an American or Japanese pilot in one of 4 operations in the Pacific Theatre during WWII.

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    This simulation can also qualify as educational software because the manual features tons of historical information. Twelve aircraft (including variants) and about 20 types of ships are represented. First of the Lucasfilm/Lawrence Holland WWII air combat trilogy.

    The action can be pretty hectic sometimes. The graphics are pure 1989 16 color EGA, and the best sound hardware supported is Adlib, but even so, this game can capture one’s imagination.

    In each of these battles, the player can experience the same situation from the U.S. side or the Japanese side of the battle. The player can fly authentic aircraft of the era such as Grumman F4F Wildcats, Douglas SBD Dauntlesses and Grumman TBF Avengers on the U.S. side and Mitsubishi A6M Zeros, Aichi D3A “Vals” and Nakajima B5N “Kates” on the Japanese side.

    Realism settings such as invincibility, unlimited ammo and unlimited fuel, starting altitude and the caliber of the opposition pilots were present, so Battlehawks was customizable.Each mission started with a briefing, giving the pilot a general outline of what was needed to do.

    In a departure from the usual flight-sim standards requiring players to perform take offs and landings, Battlehawks 1942 allowed players to get immediately into the action.As with most flight simulators, Battlehawks has a cockpit view, switchable with the keypad for a look around the aircraft.

    Instruments are few: airspeed, altimeter, bank and pitch, fuel, rate-of-climb, RPM, compass and indicators for fuel and engine/airframe damage. The cockpit also had levers for landing gear, speed brakes (if equipped) and flaps.

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