Free D.C! DOS front cover
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    Free D.C!

    The game itself is an adventure game, but, unlike most other adventure games, it is not about solving puzzles with items from your inventory but rather about talking to people.

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    Free D.C! is primarily an adventure game, in which conversations with other characters provide most of the clues. The game is not puzzle-oriented in the way contemporaries such as Monkey Island and Legend of Kyrandia are, and is organized in a non-linear way. Graphics are made using Claymation figures, and the sound includes sampled speech. Play Free D.C! online!

    With robots now in control of the Earth, the last remaining humans are held in a Zoo. They are alongside key American artifacts, for the entertainment and curiosity of the robot overlords. A wave of killings is taking place, and you have 12 hours to work out who is responsible and why.

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