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    Stunt Island

    The Stunt Flying and Filming Simulation!

    Play it online!
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    Stunt Island was marketed as “The Stunt Flying and Filming Simulation“. With over 50 aircraft (including the space shuttle) and over 1000 props, you could either fly around the island, make your own films, or fly stunts for money. Play Stunt Island online!

    Stunt Island game description

    While lacking a traditional narrative, the player can choose to either create their own stunts and films or to follow the direction provided by the Stunt Coordinator. The Stunt Coordinator takes the player through 32 stunts of increasing difficulty, including flying through a barn, navigating a canyon, and eventually even landing on a moving train.

    The player can also participate in the Stunt Pilot of the Year competition, with improved performance in these stunts resulting in a higher ranking.

    Play Stunt Island online

    You can play Stunt Island online here, in web browser for free!

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