Bodyworks Voyager: Missions in Anatomy DOS front cover
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    Bodyworks Voyager: Missions in Anatomy

    An educational computer game and action shooter developed by Mythos Software, Inc. and published by Software Marketing Corporation for PC-DOS in 1994.

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    Bodyworks Voyager: Missions in Anatomy is an educational game and a shoot-em-up. Players go through a course learning the basics of human anatomy and test their combat skills against various infections. Play Bodyworks Voyager: Missions in Anatomy online!

    The end of the 21st century is nearing; despite phenomenal gains in technology, humanity is still plagued by infectious diseases. In fact things are much worse than ever before. Many new strains of infection and disease begin to appear in the late 20th century that were highly resistant to conventional medicine. These infections manifested themselves as normal symptoms of common ailments but they quickly multiplied and changed. A common cold or a simple scratch could become life threatening in a matter of hours…

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