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    DinoPark Tycoon

    Manage your money as you attempt to attract visitors to your theme park, full of living breathing Dinosaurs! Monitor your employee’s, attendance levels, and dinosaur health/safety in a classic simulation title.

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    DinoPark Tycoon is an educational business simulation computer game released by MECC in 1993 for MS-DOS and MacOS. Players run a theme park which features dinosaurs as its main attraction. The goal of the game is to care for the dinosaurs while keeping the park clean, organized, and well maintained. Play DinoPark Tycoon online!

    DinoPark Tycoon game description

    One of the more original “business” games made, DinoPark Tycoon is both a strategy and educational game. Build a theme park showing off various types of dinosaurs.

    The objective in DinoPark Tycoon is the successful administration of a dinosaur park. Players start off with a $5,000 loan in the retail version, or a $20,000 loan in the school version. The money is used to pay for the land, dinosaurs, fencing, food and employees necessary to run the park and pay back the loan; failure to meet loan payments results in the park’s foreclosure. Once the loan is paid off, players may expand the park and earn profits. If players are confused, an animated dinosaur appears and guides the players through the game.

    Players then visit supply stores to buy the necessary items for park maintenance. The food store provides meat for carnivores, plants for herbivores and seeds for planting. The general store provides fences for the dinosaur pens, with varying degrees of strength and price; concessions such as bathrooms, gift shops and parking lots; and advertising, which is bought per season. The employment office offers the personnel to run the park, and Dino City retails the dinosaurs for the exhibits.

    As time passes, players face problems such as escaping dinosaurs, sick employees, and seasonal attendance declines. According to Atari, “Keeping the staff paid and the dinos fed and healthy is an ongoing task that requires kids to analyze graphs and numbers and make decisions based on their assumptions. The trick is to scratch out enough profit to expand the park with capital improvements and bigger and better dinosaurs.” After paying off the loan, players may choose to sell their park; if it has been successful, the player achieves an onscreen award and an entry on the top scores list.

    You are in charge, and have to do many things, including:

    • borrowing money
    • buying and selling dinosaurs
    • buying fences to keep them in, including electric fences for extra security
    • hiring staff, such as maintenance, cooks, tour guides, vets
    • building and expanding your park to include things such as washrooms, concession stands, and parking lots
    • setting admission fees
    • advertising your park

    To aid you in making decisions, the game includes these plus more features:

    • dinosaur fact guide
    • daily records
    • quarterly financial reports
    • calender

    There are many more features, such as the ability to buy seeds so you can grow your own plant life for the herbivores. If you want to take a break from the business part, you can watch your park and see people walking through the park and other things.

    Play DinoPark Tycoon online

    You can play DinoPark Tycoon online here, in web browser for free!

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