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    Donald Duck’s Playground

    Donald Duck’s Playground, released in 1984 by Sierra, is a one the few non-adventure games released by game designer Al Lowe.

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    In Donald Duck’s Playground, players engage in various mini-games, such as sorting fruits into the correct baskets, switching train tracks around so that the trains reach their destinations and so forth. The money earned by the work can be invested in new toys for Donald’s nephews. Play Donald Duck’s Playground online!

    Donald Duck’s Playground game description

    Donald Duck’s Playground won several awards from educational software magazines as best educational game of the year. In it, you are Donald, working to earn money, which you then spend to buy playground equipment for your nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to enjoy.

    The first job is to guide the Amquack Express around a top-down map with 8 stations, setting the junctions to ensure that packages are delivered to the correct stations. His job in produce involves catching fruits as they are thrown at him and placing them in the correct basket. At the toy store he must sort items by shape and colour, and be careful with the security switch. His final job is at an internal US airport, soring products based on their location’s delivery code.

    The equipment for the playground must then be purchased and arranged, helping young minds get an appreciation of money management and cash-handling.

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    You can play Donald Duck’s Playground online here, in web brwoser for free!

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