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    Lost Secret of the Rainforest

    As Adam Green, a young boy with a blond mullet, you must ward off evil poachers and learn about the science and ecology of the rainforest in this edutainment adventure game.

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    The second game in the EcoQuest edutainment series finds protagonist Adam accompanying his ecologist father on a journey to Iquitos, Peru. There, the player learns about the rainforest’s indigenous people and endangered wildlife. The “entertainment” portion of the “edutainment” formula is filled by the search for El Dorado, the legendary lost city of gold. Play Lost Secret of the Rainforest online!

    Lost Secret of the Rainforest game description

    In Lost Secret of the Rainforest the player controls a boy named Adam Greene who, along with his father Noah, a doctor of ecology, travels to the town Iquitos in South America, to meet the Ecology Emergency Network. The two intend to go on an expedition up the Amazon river and try to establish contact with a native tribe known as the Grove People. After having separated from his father, Adam must venture into the rainforest, discover the secret of the mysterious Forest Heart and find the lost City of Gold in his pursuit of a remedy for the Grove People.

    This sequel to EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus is similar to its predecessor in presentation and gameplay, being an adventure game with educational elements. Like the first game, it has an icon-based interface and does not allow the player to get irrevocably stuck in the game or let the player character die. A specific feature of this installment is the so-called “Ecorder”, a device Adam uses to record information about the flora and fauna of the area he explores.

    Play Lost Secret of the Rainforest online

    You can play Lost Secret of the Rainforest online here, in web browser for free!

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