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    Quarky & Quaysoo’s Turbo Science

    Quarky and Quaysoo answer basic questions about science as they make their way across a map of different locations to beat their competition to the finish line.

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    Quarky and Quaysoo’s Turbo Science stars the very green Quarky O’Ghandi and his yellow sister Quaysoo from New Delhi, India. Working to win the Turbo Science Championship, they formed the team Los Turbos to face off against their competitors. Play Quarky & Quaysoo’s Turbo Science online!

    Teams vying for the cup incude Das Liquidators Lihksa Haveet Myway and Iyam Nehverrong, Weejee and Bojo Orff of the Cool City Maulers, and reigning champ Odessa King of Valiant Cube.


    The race begins on an overworld map depicting the various stops the player (who is teamed up with one of the Los Turbos) will visit on their race to the finish. Settings included such locales as a clown college, a rock concert, a construction site, a mountain retreat, an airshow, the beach, and a carnival. The player never encounters all locations in a single race, so variety is provided by mixing up these and the other places as a handful of points the player will visit. Meanwhile, the competition is at the same location answering their own set of questions and is programmed to move at different intervals depending on the difficulty.

    The locations are set up to teach basic areas of scientific knowledge, such as chemistry at the clown college, sound at the rock concert, and potential and kinetic energy at the amusement park. The player is provided with a handful of tools like a rule, light meter, sound meter, a beaker for measuring, a volt meter, and a scale. They can click on most parts of the environment to measure related information and then answer questions provided by the game to earn money.

    This money is used to buy transportation on the overworld map so that the player can get to the finish line fastest. The player might choose to answer the minimum amount of questions and travel on foot to the next location, or to save up money for faster vehicles. Vehicles included a bike, a car, a helicopter, and a rocket pack. Players are also treated to post-race interviews with television personality Paco de Suave.

    Educational Games

    Quarky and Quaysoo’s Turbo Science is notable for its combination of point-and-click adventure learning and humor. It was developed by Sierra On-Line’s Discovery Series in conjuction with educators to provide and entertaining educational experience. The game comes with an in-game textbook that spans 145 pages of reference material.

    Play Quarky & Quaysoo’s Turbo Science online

    You can play Quarky & Quaysoo’s Turbo Science online here, in web browser for free!

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