Super Solvers: OutNumbered! DOS front cover
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    Super Solvers: OutNumbered!

    An “edutational” game where children use basic math skills to stop the Master of Mischief’s latest fiendish plot after he takes over the local TV station.

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    Super Solvers: OutNumbered! is one of the education games aimed for older elementary students, from The Learning Company’s classic Super Solver’s series. Play Super Solvers: OutNumbered! online!

    The Master of Mischief is up to his old tricks and now is trying to take over the Shady Glen TV Station, with the help from his robot Tele. Now the Super Solver must move around the TV Station catching Tele and avoiding the discs Tele tosses at you and hot wire, with a remote control and use your Math skills to get clues of where The Master of Mischief is hiding.

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