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    The Berenstain Bears in the Dark

    The story opens in the library, where Sister Bear impatiently waits for Brother Bear to check out a book. He finds a book titled The Case of the Crying Cave, and Sister remarks that it sounds scary, and by contrast, borrows a much more cutesy book.

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    The Berenstain Bears in the Dark is an educational game based on the book of the same name. Play The Berenstain Bears in the Dark online!

    The plot of the book is that Brother Bear reads Sister Bear a scary story. Then, Sister Bear is afraid of the dark all night. Later that morning, Papa Bear has to show Sister Bear that it is just her imagination. Eventually, Brother Bear is the one afraid of the dark.

    There are two play modes, like many Living Books titles. There is Read To Me, which reads it to you, and Let Me Play, which lets you also play around with the items in the background. There are also two bonus games, Animal Match and Picture Jumble. Animal Match is matching and Picture Jumble is a puzzle. There are demos of other Living Books titles on the disc. If you put the PC version’s disc in a CD player, you can listen to music from the storybook.

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