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    Wolf is a simulation game where players control a wolf in its fight to survive. Players have the option to play in a sandbox or scenario mode.

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    Wolf is an educational simulation game, in which the player takes control of a wolf. The game offers both a free-form simulation mode, and various scenarios where the player must complete a specific objective within the allotted time. Play Wolf online!

    Wolf game description

    The game simulates all the aspects of a wolf’s life, including hunting, mating, and challenging the packmates. There are three different regions available, corresponding to three species of wolf: arctic, timber and Great Plains wolf.

    Moving around is done by directing the wolf with the mouse cursor. Several movement speed are possible, with the fastest (running) depleting the wolf’s stamina level. There are several senses available to the wolf which allow detecting nearby things, such as animals, water or humans. The senses include hearing, smelling, looking and following tracks. Using the senses show the rough direction, distance and nature of a given object of interest. The wolf also has a “sixth sense” which warns him about the presence of nearby humans.

    Hunting (whether small game such as rabbits, or large beasts such as deer) is done by clicking on the prey animal to make the wolf pounce. Smaller animals are killed instantly if the wolf manages to grab them, while the larger ones need to be successfully worried to death, and the unlucky wolf can potentially get injured in the attempt. The chance of success is the greater, the stronger the wolf is and the more packmates are in the vicinity. After killing the animal, the wolf can eat to satisfy his hunger. A wolf’s injuries heal automatically if he is well-fed.

    Within his pack, the wolf can challenge other wolves in order to rise in the pack hierarchy. During the fight, the player’s control is limited to changing the position of the wolf’s tail, from raised (aggressive) to lowered (submissive, surrendering.)

    After raising his wolf to the alpha status, the player can mate with an alpha of the opposite sex if conditions are favorable. After mating, the female becomes pregnant and eventually gives birth to cubs, which must be kept alive by bringing them food. Cubs can be named by the player, and become full-fledged pack members once they reach a year of age.

    Humans are extremely dangerous and should be avoided. Many of them carry rifles which are guaranteed to kill in one or two shots. Sometimes, hunters in helicopters or planes (visible as shadows on the ground) also appear; the wolf must stay out of the shadow to avoid getting instantly shot to death.

    Educational information about wolves is shown at certain points, and the game features an interactive encyclopedia with a variety of information about the wolves’ biology and society.

    Play Wolf online

    You can play Wolf online here, in web browser for free!

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