Zurk’s Learning Safari DOS front cover
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    Zurk’s Learning Safari

    Zurk’s Learning Safari is an educational adventure game by Soleil Software. It was followed by Zurk’s Rainforest Lab and Zurk’s Alaskan Trek.

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    A pack of activities for kids ages 3 to 7 placed in the African Serengeti (well, sort of). The game comes with 5 different simple puzzle games that exercise shape/pattern recognition skills, plus an “Explore Story” where you lead Maya, the young lion cub, back to her mother; and a “Hide and Seek” adventure where you try to find several animals by observing their behavior, etc. Play Zurk’s Learning Safari online!

    Also included is a Parent’s Guide with suggested activities and complementary material including photographs of every animal in the game, and background info of Africa.

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