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    The Playroom

    The Playroom is an educational game which is set in the locale of a child’s bedroom. Play The Playroom online!

    Play it online!
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    Almost everything on the screen can be clicked on, and the child will be rewarded by games, activities, or at least an amusing animation. In this first of what eventually became a trilogy of games including The Treehouse and The Backyard, children are encouraged to use the mouse by the wide range of interactivity with items on the screen.

    Games and activities encourage creativity, the learning of numbers, and letters, and the development of critical thinking.

    The Playroom is designed to encourage children’s curiosity and then reward it with new discoveries. All the scenes take place in a child’s bedroom where the child clicks on a variety of different pictures that lead into an activity or animates the picture.

    Play The Playroom online!

    For example, if you click on the computer which is in the playroom, it will lead the child to a big computer with all the letter keys. If you hit a letter, the computer will show the child the lower and upper case letter. This enables the child to be able to recognize that letters may be the same, but look different.

    There are very good graphics on this program. The pictures are all colorful and clear. The sound is optional for the program. It could be turned on or off. There is a light, happy, repetitive melody which kids could hum to as they are working with the program.

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