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Blake Stone: Planet Strike!

The sequel to Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold has futuristic secret agent Blake Stone infiltrating an abandoned training facility on the planet Selon, where elusive mad scientist Dr. Goldfire is believed to be creating a dangerous mutant army in a final attempt to conquer humanity.

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Blake Stone: Planet Strike (also known as just Planet Strike) is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by JAM and published by Apogee for the PC on October 28, 1994. Play Blake Stone: Planet Strike! online!

Blake Stone: Planet Strike! game description

Blake Stone: Planet Strike! is the commercial sequel to Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.

An evolution rather than a revolution, Planet Strike! doesn’t dramatically change things and features everything from the original game except the elevator. In the place of the elevator, the player must now collect a bomb on every map and bring it to a security cube; the bomb will destroy the cube allowing the player to use the exit.

It features 24 new levels, played in a single episode in a linear fashion (despite a between level map trying to convince you otherwise), a new weapon, the Plasma Discharger (which functions as the game’s ultimate weapon), and several new bad guys and bosses.

Though the “new bad guys” comment is a little misleading as only one of them is actually all new; the others are the boss aliens from Aliens of Gold (with their stats reduced to non-boss level) or simply slightly edited and re-coloured bad guys from the previous game.

Play Blake Stone: Planet Strike! online

You can play Blake Stone: Planet Strike! online here, in web browser for free!

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