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    Blood: Plasma Pak

    Monolith Productions’ official expansion pack to Blood, featuring one new episode, six new enemies, a variety of bug fixes and a bloodbath level modeled after Monolith’s corporate office.

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    The official level pack from Monolith for the horror shooter Blood. Blood: Plasma Pak adds 13 levels, seven new monsters, and some additional firing modes for the existing weapons. Play Blood: Plasma Pak online!

    The Blood Plasma Pak is the second expansion pack for Blood and the only one produced by Monolith Productions, who had developed the original game after the rights were sold to them by 3D Realms. The most significant feature of the Plasma Pack is the introduction of an entirely new nine level episode entitled “Post Mortem,” which takes place after the defeat of Tchernobog.

    Following Caleb in his continued fight against the Cabal, this episode includes several new monster types such as the Ackolyte and the Chrysalid Pod, two new weapon firing modes, and the ability to use the Tesla Cannon with the Guns Akimbo power-up. Three new multiplayer “Bloodbath” maps and various bug fixes are also included. Installing the expansion upgrades Blood to allow use of the new weapon abilities in the original game as well as Cryptic Passage for Blood, though the newly introduced monsters are not incorporated into the previous episodes.

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