Solid State Pinball: Tristan DOS front cover
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    Solid State Pinball: Tristan

    Solid State PINBALL Tristan by Amtex, is… Well it is a Pinball as we all can guess. And the game is from 1991/1992 and the first picture that pops up when you start up the game is a blue screen, but no worries it isn’t the famous blue screen of death 😉

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    Solid State Pinball: Tristan is a pinball simulator for home computers. Tristan Pinball features a single medieval-themed board (hence the title) displayed in a single screen with score and bonus indicators filling the rest of the screen. Includes multiplayer hot-seat support in which each player plays a ball and switches when losing and also features the ability to nudge and `tilt` the machine besides regular paddle controls… Play Solid State Pinball: Tristan online!

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    You can play Solid State Pinball: Tristan online here, in web browser for free!

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