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    Ant Man

    The game is similar to Thexder and Mega Man series: you control a “mech” sent to infiltrate the enemy base and – you guessed it – kill everything in sight. The game is fast, fun, and fluid, with attractive anime-style graphics and smooth animations of enemy robots. Definitely well worth a look if you enjoy anime action games.

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    Ant Man is a platform game which is based on a futuristic action theme and which has been implemented with a lot of details. The plot here is that you will control a mech which has been sent on a mission to penetrate into the enemy bases for destroying them. Play Ant Man online!

    Ant Man game description

    Well its quite conventional with action games but this game has all the elements which are needed for an action thriller. The first feature to talk about is the anime graphics in the game which are really engaging and attractive and has been quite creatively design.

    All the enemy robots and your mech look really good and the action sequences to support the action are great. The game does not involve just killing and killing because you have to be good in how you kill the enemies so that you do not crowded and ultimately killed. There are many exciting misisons in the game where you will bring destruction with your wide range of weapons. The controls are always a prime focus in action games and I must say that it is a job well done. They are really fluid and the A1 is really competitive. Well you can go with Eracha as well because that game also shares the same degree of fun and action.

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    You can play Ant Man online here, in web browser for free!

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