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    Black Zone

    A Russian DOS adventure platformer by Alexey Silaev. Reach the Red Sphere by operating machinery in an area where physics sometimes no longer apply.

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    Black Zone takes place in an eerie, derelict city – once it was a thriving town, but all went awry one day when a mysterious alien ship descended from above. Black Zone is a platform MS-DOS game. Play Black Zone online!

    Black Zone game description

    The people vanished; strange machines began roaming the streets, working for some unknown alien purpose, and a grotesque red structure appeared in the skyline. Then the invaders vanished as quickly as they came, leaving a ghost town behind them. Expeditions were sent to investigate, but none returned. In time, the decaying, crumbling city was cordoned off, and no one dared come close.

    This is where you step in – to infiltrate the Black Zone, and try to unlock the alien secret of the people’s disappearance. Similar in style to the developer’s earlier game Mick, this is a non-scrolling platformer with an adventure angle and certain peculiar twists. To progress, you will have to program the surrounding machinery by accessing control panels and entering commands: this lets you modify the behavior of moving platforms, barriers, and other key elements along your journey.

    As you carry on among the broken-down buildings, you will encounter peculiar creatures, physical anomalies, machines that manipulate gravity around them, and spatial warps that defy human orientation – all reflecting the uncanny alien influence at work.

    Play Black Zone online

    You can play Black Zone online here, in web browser for free!

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