Milo the Fuel Run DOS front cover
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    Milo the Fuel Run

    Here is the video game “Milo the Fuel Run”! Released in 1997 on DOS, it’s still available and playable with some tinkering. It’s an action game, set in a licensed title and platform themes.

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    Milo: the Fuel Run is a side scrolling platform game with you being a skater trying to save the world’s supply of the chocolate malted beverage Milo. You must skate/jump/grind through various levels collecting tins of Milo, stomping bad guys and finding new tricks in order to reach the end of each stage, many of which have a boss. Play Milo the Fuel Run online!

    Can you stop the evil doctor and his dastardly evil plan to steal all the Milo in the world?

    Powerups you can find:

    • Skateboard – collecting this earns you a extra life.
    • Milo tin – collect these to increase your health.
    • 1st ollie – allows you to jump high on your skateboard.
    • 2nd ollie – allows for a even bigger groovy ollie then before
    • tricks+grinds – allows grinding on certain objects to avoid damage.
    • Flips – allows you to flip your board and (possibly?) deal more damage to bad guys


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