Monmallineun Tarokbeoum DOS front cover
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    Monmallineun Tarokbeoum

    It’s prison break time! Monmallineun Tarokbeom combines two genres one wouldn’t think they fit together that well. And they don’t, at least not in this package. The road to freedom is taken in “adventure mode”, which is largely inspired by Prince of Persia. Here the convict protagonist has to avoid guards and searchlights while taking care not to drop to his death in the architecturally worst prison ever.

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    Monmallineun Tarokbeom tells the story of a man who crossed the street on a red light and got arrested and put in jail as a result. Now the unfortunate convict must escape from the prison. The game is divided into two gameplay modes: platforming and fighting. Play Monmallineun Tarokbeoum online!

    The platforming is reminiscent of Prince of Persia with its realistic animation and falling damage. This gameplay mode also includes stealth, as the protagonist must avoid guards and searchlights. The second mode is a simple versus fighting game that takes place on separate screens with cartoon-like visuals quite different from those of platforming segments.

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