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    Night Shift

    Yet another forgotten underdog from a company famous for adventure games, this quirky little gem puts you in the role of assembly line operator who must fill a production quota (robots in this case) in each shift before time runs out. Night Shift puts a lot of spins on the idea, including robot parts that need to be assembled in the right order, various interesting machines, and great animations.

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    Night Shift is a strange platform/puzzle combo of a game. Play Night Shift online!

    Thriving Toy Company seeks energetic employee to operate unconventional machine. Generous rewards in store for you… if you can meet the challenge!

    • Master the BEAST to crank out action figures from Star Wars(r), Indiana Jones(r) and your favourite LucasArts games. You must meet your quota each night.
    • Make your quota! Get a raise! Get a bonus! Get a bigger quota!
    • Fend off nasty lawyers and furry pests.
    • Make it all the way from the assembly line to the mansion on the hill!

    (from the back of the box)

    Gameplay is divided into 6 different kinds of shifts, each with its own assignments (provide power, use wrench to tighten bolts, etc.) You will use tools throughout the game, and will be awarded with bonus items (hourglass for extra time, cash bonus for extra points).

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