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    Prehistorik 2

    Beat all bossess, collect food and save your starving family in Prehistorik 2 adventure game.

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    Prehistorik 2 is an old adventure dos game, published in 1993 by Titus Interactive. You can play Prehistorik 2 online here, for free and in web browser!

    Prehistorik 2 game decription

    Classic is classic and Prehistorik 2 is a clear example of classic game. Who don’t know this game, don’t know what computer games are…
    The principe, sense of this game is to pass all levels and collect as many points as possible. The game has a total of 12 levels.

    You will start with three lives. This number can be expanded over time. In your hand you have a wooden mace and in the head what-such a thought of victory. There are many strange monsters and obstacles standing against you. Can you beat them all ?

    A way better than the first Prehistorik. A LOT of fun!

    The story of the Prehistorik 2 is similar to the first Prehistorik. You will need to find food to feed your prehistoric family. You just have to get over all levels (you must find the lighter to go to the next level) and beat a few bosses. If you success in some levels, you will unlock bonus levels. Level design is changing very quickly so you will not feel boredom – you will jump from nature to the cave, then you will find yourself in the trees in the forest, you will try autumn and winter weather and look into the ice cave or temple where you will have to fight with the final fight for the victory.

    Play Prehistorik 2 online

    Play Prehistorik 2 online here, for free!

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