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    Seymour Goes To Hollywood

    Seymour Goes to Hollywood is an old platform action game released in 1993 by Codemasters and developed by The Big Red Software Company.

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    Seymour goes to Hollywood to star in his first motion picture. As he arrives in his limousine, he soon discovers that the Dirk, the studio manager, has disappeared in Miami. Play Seymour Goes To Hollywood online!

    Seymour must start production of his film by himself.

    Seymour Goes To Hollywood is a platform action game similar to Dizzy, this time replacing the egg character with an amorphous blob of unknown origin. Like in the Dizzy games, the main objective is to collect everything that isn’t nailed down (using the fire button) to solve puzzles. In the upper left portion of the screen sits an inventory with three slots and beside that the score points and the energy bar.

    Seymour loses energy when touching dangerous objects and hazardous environments. When the bar gets empty, Seymour transforms into a pile of bones and the player loses one life. The game starts with three lives (shown as clack boards under the energy bar) and no way of saving progress.

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