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    Shakii the Wolf

    Shakii the Wolf is an action game starring a heroic wolf-man.

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    Shakii, full title Shakii the Wolf is a platformer made by the Korean company Family Production released in 1995. Shakii, the king of the kingdom Shake was chased out of his land by the evil king, Midnight Sword. Shakii must defeat Midnight Sword’s minions and eventually the evil king himself to return peace to his land. Play Shakii the Wolf online!

    Shakii the Wolf game description

    In this Korean-made cartoony arcade platformer, the player gets to control Shakii the wolf (who happens to look more like a fox). Shakii was the ruler of the peaceful kingdom of Shake until the evil, almost invincible Lion Warrior called Midnight Sword appeared, plunging the land of Shake into an abyss of chaos and darkness. Now, it is up to Shakii to gather his powers and prepare for a final showdown with Midnight Sword.

    Shakii the Wolf focuses mainly on platform jumping and melee fighting, with the protagonist using his fists and special moves to defeat the foes. Shakii has to traverse seven stages on the way to reclaiming his throne, each protected by a mid- and end-level boss. There is no password or save feature in the game.

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    You can play Shakii the Wolf online here, in web browser for free!

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