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    Superfrog is a high production value, side scrolling platformer with elements taken from many other games from the same genre including Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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    Superfrog is a scrolling 2D platform game, originally developed and published for the Amiga in 1993 by Team17 Software, creators of the Worms series. Play Superfrog online!

    Superfrog game description

    Superfrog is a traditional jump & run platformer. You’re – surprise – a frog. Your enemies are all animals – like bees, hedgehogs or snails. You have no weapons. The only way to kill the enemies is to jump on them. Every stage has a time limit. In this limit you have to collect a pre-determined number of coins. Each of the six worlds has four stages. Every stage has a password. After all you can type your name into a high score table.

    The game takes after typical fantasy cliches, with a prince and bride-to-be despised by an evil witch, who kidnaps the bride and transforms the prince into a (sentient, but physically normal) frog. At first hopeless, he is sitting by a river when a magic potion floats by and, upon drinking it, he is transformed into the SuperFrog of the title.

    In the first world, Enchanted Forest, SuperFrog hunts for the golden key required to unlock the witch’s castle. After searching the Spooky Castle in the second world, he is “captured by Colin the Troll”, caged and sent to a circus. His escape from the circus fills the third world, Fun Land, with the frog-prince leaving via a time machine he discovers. This takes him to the fourth world, Ancient Pyramid, but he is unable to reverse the time machine and freezes himself in suspended animation until the present day. He awakes in the fifth world, Ice Caverns, eventually arriving at a rocket which he uses to travel to the final world, the witch’s Space Station. After travelling through the station he arrives at the witch’s lair and rescues his bride.

    In the end cutscene, the two share a kiss once again, but instead of restoring the prince it transforms the bride into a frog as well.

    Play Superfrog online

    You can play Superfrog online here, in web browser for free!

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