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    Toxic Bunny

    The game plays like a psychedelic version of Epic Megagames’ Jazz Jackrabbit. You control a bunny named Toxic who has been transformed from an innocent rabbit into a “bad ass” rabbit in his worst hair day.

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    Toxic Bunny is a violent side-scrolling action platform game. The player plays a bunny named Toxic. Toxic becomes super aggressive when his coffee break has been interrupted due to the earth being covered in decaffeinated goo and his friends getting brainwashed. It is up to you to find the one responsible for this. Play Toxic Bunny online!

    Toxic Bunny game description

    The game features 4 large levels to play through. Toxic can walk, jump and shoot at various different enemies. In the levels Toxic can collect different coloured elixirs, which can be mixed together to form various different power-ups such as health potions or an explosive.

    You will journey through more than 4 large levels as Toxic hunts the person (or animal) who is responsible for interrupting his coffee break, brainwashing all his friends, and covering the planet with disgusting caffeinated goo. The game looks great in hi-res super VGA graphics, with plenty of textured backgrounds and random weather effects to heighten the atmosphere including lightning, rain, mist, and others.

    The oft-quoted “multi-directional parallax scrolling” gameplay is very smooth, and you will encounter dozens of enemy types. Your arsenal includes 7 different weapons, as well as many different potion combinations you have to discover on your own – most of which are useful, but some can be lethal.

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    You can play Toxic Bunny online here, in web browser for free!

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