Yogho! Yogho! spel DOS front cover
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    Yogho! Yogho! spel

    A platforming advergame.

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    Yogho Yogho spel is a platform game where the player takes the role of a boy who likes the Dutch yoghurt drink Yogho Yogho. In every level the protagonist has to find one or more objects and bring them to someone or something. Play Yogho! Yogho! spel online!

    Bonus levels full of fruits can be played in between to help the player reach a higher score. Lives come in the form of dreams and hit points can be replenished by drinking a glass of Yogho. Locked doors can be unlocked with keys found around the map. The levels in the game are:

    • Level 1: the objective is to find three lost spots for a crying prizewinning cow;
    • Level 2: the sea is emptying and now you have to collect three cauliflowers for Betty, so that she will resume her work as the plug for the sea in an aquatic-themed level;
    • Level 3: a kettle has to be retrieved to unfreeze a door and reset the thermostat in a winter-themed level;
    • Level 4: on an Indian-themed map, five worm buttocks have to be collected for a lama that can make tornado farts to get the windmill back running;
    • Level 5: Dracula has kidnapped your grandmother and you have to retrieve the key to her cell from a flying pig;
    • Level 6: nine musical notes have to be collected for an out of tune whistling mermaid in a cloud-themed level.

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