Bomberman GB Game Boy front cover
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    Bomberman GB

    Help Bomberman on this Quest on the Game Boy. Bomberman GB is an original Bomberman game for the Game Boy. It features 48 levels in the game’s story mode. Play Bomberman GB online!

    Play it online!
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    Bomberman is on the hunt for treasure and must bomb his way through 48 levels of caves and beasts. Use Bomberman’s bombs to create paths through the caves to the exits, while dodging a range of different enemies, each with a different ability to stop Bomberman.

    Play Bomberman GB online!

    After completing a certain amount of levels and beating the end of area boss, Bomberman will learn a new ability, such as more powerful bombs, using a whip to move the bomb into place, and many more.

    Apart from the Story mode, you can also play classic 4 player Bomberman using the link cable.

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