Arnie Goes 4 Gold DOS front cover
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    Arnie Goes 4 Gold

    Arnie Goes 4 Gold is a promotional game by an Austrian bank. This is an humorous adventure which plays with many Austrian stereotypes. Play Arnie Goes 4 Gold online!

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    Game begins with the name of the protagonist: Arnie. After the death of his rich uncle Fritz he inherits a key to a house – but first he has to find it.

    The handling is similar to the SCUMM system found in the classic LucasArts adventures: You select between six verbs to interact with your surroundings. Unlike most adventures you can take several objects with you which have no use in the game. The puzzles mostly center around finding hidden items and using them in a creative way. And, of course, the usage of services provided by Bank Austria. This game was linked with a lottery.

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