Mutation of J.B. DOS front cover
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    Mutation of J.B.

    Mutation of J.B. plays like a usual Point ‘n Click comic adventure. The game doesn’t include English subtitles. Play Mutation of J.B. online!

    Play it online!
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    The player controls Johnny Burger, who plans to visit his cousin Emanuel for two weeks. A scientist offers him money to be part of an experiment.

    During the procedure a mysterious guy flashes the scientist’s memory. The emerging irritation causes the professor to start pushing random buttons, which results in Johnny’s transformation as a human pig. After Johnny wakes up the professor is gone, too, as he was kidnapped to the Planet Ladea.

    Gameplay takes the form of a classic point and click adventure, with inventory and puzzles.

    So, Johnny’s quest comprises of finding the professor to be transformed back into a normal state and finding out what happened to Emanuel.

    Play Mutation of J.B. online

    Now you can play Mutation of J.B. online, in a web browser!

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