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    A point ‘n click adventure game. In the game, you play Captain Rukov, a newly appointed member of a sub-division of the KGB, entitled Department P. A private investigator has been murdered and you are in charge to lead the investigation. Created by Cryo, released by Virgin in 1993.

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    It is August 1991, the USSR has only a few days left before its tremendous collapse and KGB officer Maksim Rukov has been moved, without explanation, to the newly formed Department P which investigates KGB corruption and roots out possible double-agents and traitors. Play KGB online!

    The game’s interface and engine is based heavily on Cryo’s previous game, Dune, using the same point-and-click system, and a pseudo first-person perspective. The game also allowed players to rewind to the beginning of chapters to correct mistakes they had made.

    KGB was later re-released in an “enhanced” CD-ROM version featuring new video sections of actor Donald Sutherland as Rukov’s father, giving hints and clues whenever needed. The game was also re-titled Conspiracy for this re-release.

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