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    Léto s Oskarem

    The latest Czech adventure by Vochozka Trading.

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    Léto s Oskarem (Summer with Oskar) is a Czech point and click adventure game. The inventory is hidden in the upper part of the screen and reveals only when mouse approaches this part. The dialogue system is notable for it’s several options (charm, rude, altruistic) but the outcome is always the same and even the altruistic option can end with shower of insults. Play Léto s Oskarem online!

    Léto s Oskarem game description

    Sometimes you can skip the dialogues completely by using the correct item. Humor itself is in the vein of Leisure Suit Larry and it also contains nudity – both in the background graphics and several characters, too. The game itself is very short, yet much of the effort went to animations on the screen.

    Oskar Sláma is a teenager with yellow hair who studies really bad at school. His parents are so angry at him for his miserable results and as a punishment they send him to help his grandparents in the village. Oskar isn’t happy with the idea of the holidays wasted in the rural environment but since he’s worried about his inheritance (threat from his parents that if he doesn’t show up in two days, grandpa won’t call) so he reluctantly agrees. His journey starts at the Duke Nukem’s train station…

    Play Léto s Oskarem online

    You can play Léto s Oskarem online here, in web browser for free!

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