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    Teen Agent

    A fun Polish 2D adventure that will delight any fan of point-and-click adventures.

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    Teen Agent is a 1995 point-and-click adventure game developed by Polish developer Metropolis Software House. Play Teen Agent online here!

    Teen Agent game description

    You take the role of Mark Hopper, an ordinary teenager who gets hired by the RGB intelligence (he was selected by a fortune teller) to solve the mystery of gold disappearing from the Mega Bank. But first you’re sent to the RGB training camp where you’ll have to pass the three trials!

    Teenagent is a humorous point-and-click adventure, originally available as shareware, but the DOS version was later re-released as freeware. You control Mark Hopper with a mouse – click on where you want him to go, left-click on objects and people to look at them, and right-click on them to interact with them. By moving the cursor to the top of the screen, you bring up your inventory.

    The game has three sections: “The Three Tasks”, where Mark must prove himself by performing three tasks for the captain of the guards; “The Village”, where Mark must wander around a village and gain entry to the mansion owned by the villain causing the gold’s disappearance; and “The Mansion”, where Mark must put a stop to the villain’s plans.

    Play Teen Agent online

    You can play Teen Agent online here, directly in web browser. Play Teen Agent online now!

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