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    A horror-themed point-and-click adventure game that centers around the loss of a sibling and other supernatural occurrences. It was one of the original MacVenture games, along with Déjà Vu and Shadowgate.

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    Another point ‘n click game using the graphical adventure interface found in Déjà Vu and Shadowgate, Uninvited comes with a “horror” theme. Play Uninvited online!

    Uninvited game description

    The game starts the player in a car that has been recently crashed–and is about to explode. After regaining his senses and slowly realize that he in danger, the unnamed protagonist manages to escape the exploding car. After recovering from that shock, the hero realizes that his sibling is missing (a younger brother in the original Mac version, or an older sister in the NES port). After looking around, the player will notice an ominous mansion several steps away.

    The rest of the game is just the player exploring the mansion, and discovering things about the mysterious owner. The mansion is apparently haunted; ghosts, skeletons, and goblins greet the player around every corner. Eventually, it is revealed that the vile Dracan plans on sacrificing the hero’s sister. After rescuing the sibling, the game ends, and all is well again.

    Play Uninvited online

    You can play Uninvited online here, in web browser for free!

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