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    Avalon is an old DOS fantasy JRPG rpg game developed by MiG Outpost in 1998 from an original idea by Jeroen Derwort.

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    Avalon is a console style RPG seen from an top-down view, where you solve puzzles, fight monsters and talk to the villagers. The battles are, like in many console RPGs, strategic and are turn-based. Play Avalon online!

    Game description

    Avalon takes place in the future after the destruction of earth. A group of people known as the Avalon-cult flees to an distant planet called Avalon, which had an earth like climate. Unfortunately, one day their village was suddenly attacked by hundreds of strange creatures. The leader of the colonists, Lee, tried to negotiate with the monsters but was captured. A young man named Mace volunteers to seek for Lee and to find out what the monsters wanted in order to secure the safety of human life on the planet.

    Play Avalon online

    You can play Avalon online here, in web browser for free!

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