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    Wayne’s World

    Long Before Mike Myers bore the monikor of Austin Power his most famous role was that of Wayne Campbell, the titular character of Wayne’s World, a rock aficionado and co host of a fictional Illinois-based cable access television show Wayne’s World.

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    Wayne’s World is an adventure game based on the movie with the same name. The game itself is a classic point and click adventure, and should not be confused with the platform game based on the movie. Play Wayne’s World online!

    You play both Wayne and Garth, and you can switch between them at any time. The plot is simple; In an attempt to save their tv-show, Wayne and Garth decide to hold a pizza-thon (a charity show with a pizza-theme) in order to raise money. In order to be able to hold the pizza-thon Wayne and Garth must embark on several quests to collect items and hire people they need for the show. The adventure includes participating in babe-jeopardy, joining a biker’s gang and baking pizza. The graphics are in 2D and the sound contains several samples from the movie.

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