The Adventures of Down Under Dan DOS front cover
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    The Adventures of Down Under Dan

    Play The Adventures of Down Under Dan online! Play as Australian ‘Down Under Dan’ and explore the culture after an unplanned plane crash.

    Play it online!
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    Oy, mate! Travel through Australia and experience its culture in this comical adventure as you guide bush pilot “Down Under Dan” after he crash lands his plane in an unknown area. The game takes place in the span of 4 virtual days in which Dan encounters colourful locations, animals and characters (voiced in full speech) on a quest for blue opals in the outback where he might end up rich.

    The game has photorealistic settings and uses digitized video animations. It has a standard adventure game inventory using Dan’s backpack where appropriate items must be gathered and used in the correct place and manner. It also holds hints – the more you play, the more you can view.

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