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    God of Thunder

    hor’s primary weapon is Mjolnir, a magical hammer which, when thrown, will return to Thor when it hits an object, an enemy, or the end of the screen. Upon its return, the hammer can pass through and damage multiple enemies. Mjolnir can also be used to flick switches, which control logs that come up from the ground and block passage.

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    God of Thunder (abbreviated GoT) is a 2D platform/top-down freeware puzzle game created by Ron Davis and published by Software Creations in 1993. Play God of Thunder online!

    God of Thunder game description

    The mighty god Odin goes from time into deep sleep. During the time of such an “Odinsleep”, the mischievous god Loki stole from Odin his favorite land, Midgard, and populated it by monsters. But Odin has a son – Thor, the god of thunder. Using his powerful hammer Mjolnir, Thor must travel to Midgard, face Loki and his assistants, and reclaim the land for his father.

    God of Thunder is an action game with strong elements of puzzle-solving. Thor explores Midgard, fighting enemies in action-based combat, using his hammer or lightning attacks. Many hazards are there to make the hero’s life difficult, and the player must solve puzzles to protect Thor and advance the story. The puzzles range from simple exercises in re-arranging objects to more complex examples that occupy the entire screen. Most of the game is viewed from a top-down perspective, though there are platform sequences as well.

    For instance, barrels can be moved either horizontally or vertically depending on their orientation; some bushes can be destroyed to reveal secret entrances, and some rocks can be moved (these look very similar to the solid versions); round rocks will keep rolling once touched until it reaches an obstacle, which makes for extremely difficult puzzles.

    In addition to his hammer, Thor acquires magical items which cost mana (the yellow bar at the bottom) and have various effects. The first, the magic apple, heals Thor; another item electrocutes any enemy nearby. Neither mana nor health regenerate, so they must be bought in villages or acquired from the random pickup provided by each slain enemy. These dead foes may also drop gems, the currency of the game. The colour of any item determines its value; a red items signifies 10 blue items.

    Blocks with a key in them cost one key to remove; blocks with a dollar symbol in them cost 10 or 100 gems to remove. Plain grey blocks can be shoved aside and used to block enemy attacks. This is especially useful against the snake, which can kill the player instantly but may only attack horizontally or vertically.

    Play God of Thunder online

    You can play God of Thunder online here, in web browser for free!

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