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    Ms Pac PC

    Ms PacMan (thats Mizz, not Microsoft) is at it again on the PC. It’s basically your average PacMan game with an all new female star, but thats not to say that the origional hero doesn’t make an appearence or two. This PC conversion features all the origional arcade fun with no quarters needed!

    Play it online!
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    Ms Pac PC is an unofficial DOS conversion of Ms. Pac-Man. Play Ms Pac PC online!

    Ms Pac PC game description

    It follows the basic Pac-Man formula: the player moves around in maze with the goal to eat all drops which are lying in the hallways, However, there are also ghosts of different colour walking around the maze, and their touch is deadly. The player can also collect special items which either give bonus points or allow Ms. Pac-Man to eat the ghosts for a limited amount of time.

    Play Ms Pac PC online

    You can play Ms Pac PC online here, in web browser for free!

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