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    Oh No! More Lemmings

    Gameplay remains unchanged from the base game.

    There are a total of 100 new levels to tackle, divided up into 5 different difficulties with 20 levels in each…

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    Oh, No! More Lemmings is an expansion pack for Lemmings, featuring new levels, graphics, music, difficulties. Play Oh No! More Lemmings online!

    Oh No! More Lemmings game description

    Oh No! More Lemmings is the follow-up to Lemmings. The game features 100 new levels, and all new graphics and music. It was released in both a stand-alone and an add-on version.

    Oh no! More Lemmings is released in 1991 and was the first additional level pack to the original Lemmings. It needed the either the install disk from the previous Lemmings, or, in a standaloen version, the game manual, for use as a copy protector.


    There is not much different when compared with the original game. The gameplay is completeley the same. There are, however, differences in graphics, music and categories. Oh no! More Lemmings is divided in 5 categories of increasing difficulty, those are: “Tame”, “Crazy”, “Wild”, “Wicked” and “Havoc”. Each category has 20 levels, making a total of 100 levels.

    Play Oh No! More Lemmings online

    You can play Oh No! More Lemmings online here, in web browser for free!

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